National Sponsorships

National Sponsorship

I am available for local, regional, national and global print and video campaigns.  Make me the face of your holiday campaign this year!

  • Calendar

    Dates book, fast! Reach out today to see if the date of your event is available!

    Call Santa Jack!
  • Photography

    No extra charge for photos, I will gladly take a photo with each individual at your event.  I don't bring photography equipment.  A professional photographer isn't necessary however encouraged!

  • Event Time

    As Santa is very busy certain times of the year it is always best to set specific times for each event.  Keep in mind that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I am unavailable, I've got to travel the world and deliver gifts to every boy and girl!

  • I make a list and...

    And check it twice! Having an idea of just how you would like to use Santa's time is always helpful.  I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to meet me.


(859) 489-6286